Karibu France

First objective: Improve reception and follow-up of migrant families during their search for social housing. Making the residents’ stay an opportunity to meet others, raise awareness, make friends and develop respect for each other.
Second objective: Helping and safeguarding migrants’ rights with regards to the numerous judicial and material obstacles they encounter before they can settle in France.
Third objective: To promote and support African culture by ensuring its transmission to second generation children.
Fourth objective: To create or support co-development projects in Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mali) with the migrants in France.
Fifth objective: To inform: raising the French’s and migrants’ awareness regarding what is at stake in terms of migration and development.
Sixth objective: To promote social coeducation through social and cultural activities and solidarity actions on individual basis.
Seventh objective: To support non-governmental organisations (NGO) belonging to migrants.
Eighth objective: To develop and improve living conditions in associations, hence, giving everyone a chance to make it and actively participate in life, and in the long run help the needy.

Hommage of Etienne Pinte

Activity Report